Wildlife & Landscape Photographic Art by Ralph J Ingram

Made to Measure


If you have a particular requirement, we aim to fuII fill it.

Exciting news:- New pin sharp HD Aluminium and Dramatic Aluminium Composite prints and now High Definition Acrylic Glass Prints for something special.

My wall is full = Acrylic Glass Blocks for your mantle piece.

Click - "Galleries", "Then Examples of Prints".

Can’t find a picture you like, we have many photo’s in our stock which are not possible to put all on the website, please ask!

Maybe you have a frame of your own? We can print a picture; then make one or two mounts for fit.

Maybe you would like a larger picture? (Then please ask!) 

For example we could fit a picture of A3+ (483x329mm) to a white background, fit 2 mounts, ready to fit into your frame of choice. See "Galleries" then "Examples of Prints"and check-out "Large Format Frame"!

(Customer must give the internal dimensions of the frame).

All printing and craftwork is done in our studio at home, unless you need a very large photographic print that we can to send to a Photographic Laboratory for whatever size you require, depending on that image.

Please send an email to us on: - wild2countryside@gmail.com for your made to measure picture and mounts.

We have examples of prints; please look for "Galleries" then "Examples of Prints"