Wildlife & Landscape Photographic Art by Ralph J Ingram



1.    Find the image that you like.

2.    You have many choices and types of prints. 

       Top photographic paper.

       100% cotton Sealed Canvas.

       High Definition Gloss Aluminium.

       Dramatic Di-Bond for internal use.

       Dramatic Di-Bond with UV cured inks to prolong life, can be used in Bathroom or Conservatory.

       Now Acrylic Prints for a real presence on your wall.

All these products come with 5 years guarantee. More information about these products is in “Galleries” then “Example of Prints”.

You will notice that the options on each picture may change from one to the another, this is because we believe that the options is best suited for that picture, however if a customer would like an option which is not there, or would like another size, then please send an email to see if that option or size you require is available?

     3.    Now add to basket, you can pay as a guest with any of your credit cards via PayPal, or fast track via your PayPal account, (customer information and credit cards are not stored on our servers).


4.   All photographic paper printing is done in house with Professional printers, and with the best photographic paper available, we produce top quality photographs in our studio at home.


(The suppliers of the Pigment Ink and top quality paper used say, the images should last for at least 150 years.) 


 5. We advice all customers to read: - “Terms and Conditions”, “About the images”, “Law and Copyright” before placing an order.