Wildlife & Landscape Photographic Art by Ralph J Ingram


The pictures on this web site have been reduced in resolution from 128mb to around 1.5mb to prevent copyright theft. The pictures you will receive will be at full resolution and be top quality.

Ralph has always taken photographs from a young age with a 35mm film camera.

Ralph toured Ireland with his Wife and thought this is the time to boldly go where he had not been before by going digital, to capture the moments with more depth to the photographs of generally landscape as there was not much wildlife there?

After that Ralph took courses at college to learn how to take photographs and how to use a camera properly and to run projects/content etc.

Then Ralph sort to find wildlife and Landscape photography from Scotland, Wales and then went with a professional to Africa and Tanzania, it was a trip never to be forgotten and learnt a lot during that time in the field.

This started a passion of taking photograph’s of wildlife in a big way by updating his equipment.

Ralph took local course’s with the same professional that he went with to Africa which at this point, had a better idea of taking photograph’s to perfection with changing exposure’s and using different equipment.

Ralph's view is if you want to take pictures of wildlife you have to be prepared for everything. Landscape is different you need the right time and place to get the shot you want.

Ralph then went to Sri-Lanka with his Wife friends and was amazed with the wildlife there that is protected by law not to be harmed in anyway making the wildlife not afraid of man.

Ralph has also been to Costa Rica to take pictures of the many different colourful species of wild birds and mammals that was just amazing. (Take time to look in the Costa Rica gallery).

Friends and family have said that Ralph should sell your photo’s and not hide them away in your computer, so he went back to college to learn how to build and promote my photo’s on the world wide web, (not for the faint hearted, it’s a lot of work to build your own web site and run it).

We have Professional printers in our studio and with the best photographic paper; we produce Top quality photographs in our studio at home.


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